Through the Eyes of a Child

One of our newest programs we are offering to camps and educational institutions around the country is called: “Through the Eyes of a Child.”

In today’s digital world, children spend endless hours in front of electronics. As digital natives, these kids have grown accustomed to television in HD and quality videos all seen in a digital format. Those who want to act on their desire to become the next producer, director or elite cinematographer will gain deeper understanding of video production, specifically how to shoot and edit video. Children will benefit in infinite way from JAW Productions Worldwide “Through the Eyes of a Child.”

The concept of “Through the Eyes of a Child” came from JAW Productions Worldwide President, Jason Wald as a way to combine his love of teaching/coaching children with his passion for Producing and Directing videos.

Designed ideally for students ages 8 and up, this hands on, interactive program allows kids the opportunity to learn from an amazing panel of award winning directors, producers and other industry masters. Special guests can/will be brought in to enhance the program during the week, and give children further opportunity to learn about the experience and background of other professionals within the industry. The special guests range from TV Executives to On-Air Talent to Athletes/Celebrities, this is determined by the clients wants and needs.

Together with the JAW Productions’ staff, children will commence a 5 video day journey, culminating with final video projects created, ALL written, shot and edited by the children.

During the week, children will break off into teams to create their project. Children will work along side professionals while participating in the steps required to create a quality video from start to upload. They will have the opportunity to take on various roles to learn the importance of TEAMWORK when working towards a high-quality, finished product.

The final videos can be used anyway the camp chooses. On websites, youtube channels, Facebook, Instagram and any other social media platform.

Nothing can teach a young child more than HANDS-ON experience. “Through the Eyes of a Child” introduces children to what it takes to write and produce videos, allowing them to become a creator in the digital world that they truly love. It is the intial HANDS-ON Experience that will open many to an amazing new world.