Rio #4 – Being Part of the NBC Family


My journey has been delayed 24 hours by weather but as I deal with this silly travel snafu, I can’t help but get excited for what I am about to be a part of.

For those of you still questioning my desire to go to Rio, it’s simple (Mom, listen up) … I tell people that being part of the Olympics is far more powerful than any productions in sports, it’s an event that your grandmother watches … It’s the event that people turn to as fans of their country. The Olympics is where Lakers and Celtics fans cheer for the same basketball team. It is an event where your country’s flag is the jersey.

The Olympics, like NO OTHER sporting event, chronicles the story of the underdog; of the self made athlete, who hails from a country that has little-to-no budget, yet overcomes it all through a heart of immeasurable strength and a soul that won’t quit, walks away from the games with a medal. These stories define what the Olympics are to me and they are what define the human spirit of the athlete.

You see things, you meet people and you make friends at the Games …

IMG_5217IMG_2160 IMG_5979 IMG_5486 IMG_2260 IMG_5352 2 IMG_5817oly_a_usa1_sw_576 IMG_8211 IMG_6567 IMG_8102

As a director, I live and react to these moments because I love sports and the athletes stories. It is why I watched the Olympics as a kid and it’s my motivation to always be a part of the NBC Family and their incredible commitment to the coverage.


DSC00007 IMG_3467 (1) IMG_5656 (1)IMG_5186

I promise I will be safe (Mom) and I promise that I will share with you the beauty of the Olympics because no matter what negatives you hear, Rio will be amazing … After all, it’s the Olympics!

Next time you hear from me, I will be writing from Rio …

Love to all,

4 responses to “Rio #4 – Being Part of the NBC Family”

  1. Jeanne Barry says:

    Love You, mom

  2. Linda Levitt says:

    I love you Jason. Be safe and have fun and continue writing and snapping in your easy, generous and insightful style.
    Love, Auntie Linda

  3. Peter Addams says:

    Good stuff Jason!

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