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Rio #15 – USA Women getting Closer to its First Volleyball Gold Medal

Greetings from a Damp Rio,

After a more relaxing work schedule yesterday we are back to our late night grind today.

In yesterday’s only match we saw why the U.S. Women’s Team is favored to win it’s first Gold in Olympics history. They made few mistakes, played phenomenal defense and dominated at the net en route to a 3-1 victory over a very good team Serbian squad. Team USA moved to 3-0 and locked up a spot in the quarterfinals.

Before our match yesterday, our Announcers did a feature on FaceBook live.   It was very entertaining until I got shoved into the show …   In 27 years of TV, I am not one who spends a lot of time in front of the Camera, but oh well …   Here’s a link to the entire feed (it’s GEO BLOCKED in Rio so I have yet to see it):








Our first match of today should be a great one as the men of Poland take on Argentina. Two notes on this match, Argentina (2-0) has a HUGE fan contingent that traveled to Rio to support their team, they will be rocking the Maracanazinho Arena and chanting like a Europen Futbol crowd. Poland (2-0) is a tough and physical team coming off a 5 set win over Iran that ended in a shoving match. This match starts at 2:00 pm/et LIVE on MSNBC.

The second Match of the day features Team USA Men (0-2) against a stong Brazilian team, who will be riding the momentum of it’s 2-0 record and a VERY loud home crowd. It is do or die for the U.S. men tonite if they want to have any chance for a Medal in Rio. The match is on LIVE tonite at 9:35 pm/et on NBCSN.

Here’s a look at the Medal Count entering Day #6:

Medal Day6

*Brazil is one of 13 countries with two medals

To give perspective of how well Team USA is performingin Rio, after five days of competition at the 2012 London Games, China led with 30 medals (17 gold), while the U.S. was in second with 29 medals (12 gold).

Most of us live for the opportunity to be a part of these Games it is an honor to work with the best announcers, producers, directors and technicians in United States TV Sports Production all under the umbrella of a network that cares about its people as much as the event itself, NBC Sports. Beyond working with the All-stars of our industry, we cherish the chance every two years to be a part of the Olympics (summer and winter) and to travel the world to places we would eitherwise never go to (Sochi, Rio and Beijing).

Than there is the kid side of all of us when we get to meet and take photos with some of our heroes …




IMG_0486 (1)

IMG_4993    IMG_6575

There is also what we consider “The Fun Factor” of these games whether its dinner with your crew, sitting in the hotel with great announcers/athletes from other events and in the world of sports, we are all blessed to be a part of the Olympics. Some of us enjoy the other venues as just plain old sports fans; while ALL of us make a huge attempt to soak up all the iconic spots that define the host city. I have already hit Copacabana Beach and in the next couple of days our team is heading to the hills to take photos from Sugarloaf Mountain and the to see the huge statue of Christ the Redeemer.

As I have repeatedly said, we have an outstanding crew and each day we get in our Vans to make the 40+ minute drive to the Maracanazinho. But these vans don’t drive themselves. We have been blessed with 3 of the kindest locals to get us anywhere we need to go and they have quickly become part of the Team Volleyball family … We love our boys, Silmo, Francisco and Marcuse, for anyone worrying at home, we could not be in better hands when it comes to getting around Rio.   Their kindness, infectious smiles and overall great attitude epitomize the people of Rio so far, we are all lucky to have met them.


From Left to Right- Francisco, Silmo and Marcuse (Our Drivers and all around great guys)


I wish everyone a great day … Off to work …

Love to All,

PS – Following our 1 match day yesterday, no one was able to move and leave the hotel, we took adavantage of the early day and crashed …

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