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Rio #14 – Sleepless in Rio

Greetings from a Rainy Rio,

Let me preface this by explaining that this is NOT a complaint, only a reality to our job. Over the last 48 hours, my crew and I have spent 38.5 hours on site at the Maracanazinho Arena producing 6 Volleyball on (MSNBC, USA and NBC). We have seen some extraordinary action, pounded a ton of bottled waters and coffee and we even had a small fight between the Poland and Iran Teams post match, yet we never budged in the quality of work that came out of our venue. I could not be more proud to be a part of this team and these games regardless of the hours.

CLICK below link for Maracanazinho Time Lapse

Rio-Maracanazhino Bra v Arg (.20)



Yesterday, the U.S. Men stepped up it’s game after sloppily getting crushed by Team Canada in their first match. But it was still not enough to defeat a very talented Team from Italy, as Team US fell in 4 sets. The American men are 0-2 thus far in the games but by no means are they out of medal contention. They still have Brazil tomorrow, followed by France and Mexico, leaving it in control of it’s own destiny. The quarter finals are still on the radar, but Team USA must cutdown on the mistakes on the serve and service receive or it’s medal hopes are done.

After two Marathon days, we are gifted with only one match on Day #5 of the Olympics. After a hard-fought win over the Netherlands on Monday, the U.S. Women’s team face Serbia LIVE on NBC at 2 pm/et. The Serbs will be supported (like every opponent of the U.S., men or women) will be supported by heavily biased, anti-U.S. crowd. This should have little to no affect on Team USA’s march to its first gold ever in the Olympics; under the guidance of Volleyball legend, Coach Karch Kiraly, the crowd should only be a positive, motivating factor for the American Women.

As I mentioned, our crew has been phenomenal, most hand picked to be a part of my team, including our EVS Operator, Nathan Baker. I will share Nathan’s and other crew members stories because these folks are typically never seen and invisible to the outside world who watches the Games, yet without my team we have NO show. Nathan is a young man who graduated from Full Sail in Orlando 3 years ago and instantly blossomed into a star. I met Nathan when he was just out of school began mentoring him and some of the great young men and women who graduated from Full Sail. Right away, Nathan stood out as leader amongst his peers, a young man who everyone likes and looks up to. Quite simply, he is a humble yet extraordinarily talented young man. Over his time out of Full Sail, he has mastered the EVS (working for ESPN, Fox Sports South and The Golf Channel) and is constantly studying the art of the replay and the editing process that is a major part of our shows. The EVS is like a DVR or TIVO that can record 4 sources at one time and play back replays and production elements at the same time. Our venue has only one of these machines for the NBC production, which puts a lot on this young man. In only 9 days in Rio Nathan has also assimilated into the NBC as smoothly and confidently as any technician with 30 years under his belt. My crew has embraced him and has been overly impressed by his work both in attitude and ability. Needless to say, I could not be more proud of Nathan, it is like watching your little brother take off on his own career.

 My “Little Brother” Nathan Baker is a star in the Making.





Nathan is just one of the 15 people that make up our Indoor Volleyball team over the next days I will introduce you to other unsung stars of our team.

For now, I am going to enjoy today’s easier production schedule and tonight do my best to get to Carioca Arena and join my new buddy Chris Collins to watch Team USA vs Australia in hoops.


Love to all,

3 responses to “Rio #14 – Sleepless in Rio”

  1. Jeanne Barry says:

    Liked your time lapse. Nathan sounds terrific! Was he in any of your classes you taught? Sounds like you are working hard but enjoying it.

  2. Denise Price says:

    Nathan Baker is extraordinary!!! He is to be commended for doing a fantastic job in Rio!!!

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