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Rio #13 – USA Women Remain Perfect


Greetings from Rio,

Today is one of our long days … We left the hotel at 7:15 this morning and, because they opened the Olympic Lanes for ONLY official vehicles, it only took 40 minutes to get to work, as opposed to the longer journeys we had earlier in the week.   Every drive here provides us with some unique sights but nothing like this …


In Rio you can text and drive, regardless of what you are driving!

Our first match of the day, featured China vs Italy and fortunately for us, and the Chinese, this match went a quick 3 sets on MSNBC. A good win for China after being upset on the first day by the Dutch.

Speaking of Netherlands, they faced the US Women’s Team in our live daytime match on NBC and like in Day #1, the Dutch were very tough and en route to another upset (Ned def China in 4 sets). They took the first set with ease, capitalizing on a combination of great kills and REALLY sloppy US Play. Set #2 began the same way for the US squad until about half way through when they found it’s offensive groove; which flourished as the match went on as a result of some consistent defense and transitional play.  Even with all the momentum, the Dutch team won the 3rd set capitalizing  on some poor serving and passing by the US Team.  But our Women could not be denied a victory, Coach Karch Kiraly of team USA made a few minor adjustments and the fire was lit.   Team USA won the 4th and 5th sets with some VERY dominate play and some spectacular rallies …   The US Women took a huge step towards it’s first Gold Medal in Olympic Volleyball history and exhibited the heart that they lacked in London where they collapsed in the Gold Medal Match vs Brazil.


 The inside of the Maracanazinho

If you wonder what happens during our long breaks between matches, well …

IMG_0456 (1)





Our crew is incredible from the talent and our production team to our technical team, I am blessed to be surrounded by a very skilled and at time whacked out team … But I love them and I know that we will go all the way to the gold together …  I hope you will join us …

If anyone wants to watch our own Kevin Barnett give a tour of the NBC Volleyball compound click here https://www.facebook.com/nbcolympics/videos/10154913118730329/ …  There are some great cameos in this video …

Our day is not here at the Maracanazinho is far from over, we have a match at 10:35 pm local time to round out our day, home team Brazil takes on rival Argentina.   You can check NBCOlympics.com for all the details, I won’t have much to say at 1:30 am …

Tomorrow is another marathon for our team Volleyball Team …

• Russia vs Argentina (M)  8:30 am/et          USA (Tape)                                  • Italy vs USA (M)                 2:00 pm/et           NBC (Live)                                  • Brazil vs Canada (M)       9:30 am/et            NBCSN (Live)





Mary Carillo, joined us last night for a few minutes and left us laughing for hours …  She is as good as it gets in front of the camera and a sincerely kind person who leaves every person she meets feeling better about themselves …  I worked with her  in London for Tennis at Wimbledon and will never forget the experience.

That’s all for now … I need some sleep!

Love to all,


2 responses to “Rio #13 – USA Women Remain Perfect”

  1. Jeanne Barry says:

    Just love your Blog! We watched USA women’s volleyball play Netherlandss team. Very exciting.
    Looking forward to more. Watching swimming and gymnastics and enjoying that as well. Dick is watching to but leaves tomorrow for Chicago….

    Keep sharing!!
    Love U

  2. Hope says:

    I love Mary C – that must have been awesome to have her drop by!

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