Rio #3 – Pelagic Gear, A Loyal Friend for the 3rd Straight Olympics

Greetings All,

It’s not easy packing for 24 days in a foreign country, be it Summer or Winter, you gotta be ready for the elements …  And in Rio the elements are going to be “different” than anything I have been in.

If it stays cool the chance of Mosquitos and Zika goes way down.   But if the heat goes up, I cover up and stay inside as much as possible.

Since London, my friends and college brothers (USC ) from Pelagic Gear have made sure that what comes with me in my suitcase is not only of GREAT quality but will battle any environment …

Two of the best people I have come across in the business are with Pelagic, they have taken care of my company since we met in 2011.   My boys Ron K. (USC Trojan) and Colin S. from Pelagic have NEVER asked anything of me, they have NEVER asked my company to pay, they have NEVER asked for videos or photos, they are just friends who care … They only wanted to help a “Brother” out and make sure that I am comfortable and safe during my Olympics Journey anywhere in the world.

IMG_6830 IMG_3625 IMG_2138 IMG_3037 IMG_7403 IMG_5071

So as I head to Rio, Pelagic Gear has once again stepped up big, sending a bunch of Long Sleeve Shirts to protect my from the Weather and the bugs …

IMG_6195 IMG_6192

Thanks boys for your unwavering friendship and loyalty, as I did in London & Sochi, I will proudly wear your colors in Rio,

I appreciate everyone stopping by …  My journey to Rio begins tomorrow night!

Love you guys and Fight On!



2 responses to “Rio #3 – Pelagic Gear, A Loyal Friend for the 3rd Straight Olympics”

  1. Jeanne Barry says:

    Safe flying! Enjoying your blog. Will be thinking about you and watching all that happens in Rio. Again, thanks for sharing your journey at the summer Olympics in Rio!
    Love, mom

  2. Craig Wald says:

    When I wear my Pelagic T to the gym, fish follow me everywhere!

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