Rio #2 – A look back to 2008 and Beijing …

Greetings All,

In the Summer of 2007, “the opportunity” that I had dreamt about my entire Career had presented itself and to this day defines the apex of my Television Sports Production career.

Driving up the 405 from San Diego to my parents house, in July of 2007 THE CALL came …   Rebecca Chatman, a very talented Producer/Executive Producer from NBC Sports rang me up on my cell and offered me the director’s job for Indoor Volleyball at the Beijing Olympics and my dream was answered …

Rather than going into the details, let’s say, the whole experience was SPECTACULAR.   Beijing was amazing both in and out of my venue.  We (my team) went to 12 other sports venues.   While at my event (Volleyball) Team USA (Men) took Gold as a heavy Underdog.   This Gold Medal squad was driven by a tragedy that happened day after opening Ceremonies in Beijing.  A Chinese man wielding a knife stabbed and killed the father-in-law of US Olympic Men’s Indoor Volleyball Head Coach Hugh McCutcheon, while his mother-in-law, Barbara, survived “serious and (at one point) life-threatening” injuries, the committee said.

But our men overcame this moment and, epitomized the Olympic Spirit with a title … Their magical journey saw them defeat the 1st, 2nd and 3rd seeds en route to one of the most emotional moments I have ever had in the Production Truck in over 26 years of TV.    (See Pics attached)


IMG_7375 IMG_7376 IMG_7377 IMG_7378 IMG_7471 IMG_7474 IMG_7589 IMG_7604 IMG_7614 IMG_7634


In 4 days, I join the same announce team from 2008 (Paul Sunderland and “The” Kevin Barnett) along with a terrific Production/Technical Team to drive our show in Rio.

Thanks for stopping by and PLEASE enjoy the journey.
Love to all,


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